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Cathedral's Business Directory 


Mary Kay. Inc

Owner: LaVerne Watson

Address: 1783 Northwood Cr., Jackson, MS 39213

Phone: (601)826-3593



More about this business: Skin care, advanced color consultant

New Beginnings Hair & Fashion

Owner: Sudie Jones-Teague

Address: 109 E. Georgetown St., Crystal Springs, MS 39059

Phone: (601) 892-1222

New Identity Beauty Salon

Stylist: Mary L. Curtis

Address: 2360 Highway 80 West (rear)

Phone: (601) 352-5870


More about this business: Specializing in hair care and children hair care also. 

Salon Roots 

Owner: Miranda Thomas

Address: 905 Old Vicksburg Rd.,

Phone: (601) 624-6571

More about this business: The salon with a professional atmosphere and where God is in control!

The Experience Hair Salon

Owner: Shadow Robinson

Address: 4919 North State Street.

Phone: (769) 447-7691


More about this business: Specializing in all hair care services. Wigs, sew-ins, weave, natural hair, and virgin hair sales. 

Albert Blackmon Painter Service

Owner: Albert Blackmon

Address: 624 Benning Rd.

Phone: (601)331-3791

Delta Sunrise Construction

Owner: Aaron Jenkins

Address: P.O. Box 99701 Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 573-0546

More about this business: Specialize in bathrooms and kitchens.

     Dwight Riley Painting Comany

Owner:Dwight Riley 

Address: 3425 Memphis St. 

Phone: (769) 257-8466


More about this business: Cleaning Service

Fisher Construction Inc. 

Owner: Jackie Andrews/Renna Fisher

Address: 1635 Lelia Dr. 

Phone: (601) 941-6643

More about this business: Building construction, street, highway arct., bridge-site work, silk framing, and infrastructure constractors. 

Walker Brothers

Owner: Brothers

Address: P.O. Box 2244, Prentiss, MS

Phone: (601) 792-8500

More about this business: Call Willie Walker to learn more about this business at (601) 922-8205

Precision Construction

Owner: Jermaine McDonald

Address: P.O. Box 712, Tougaloo, MS 39174

Phone: (601) 624-4692


More about this business: Specialize in remodeling and new construction.

Car Sales

Herrin-Gear Toyota-Scion

Sales: Arthur Brown

Address: 6100 I-55 North, Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 668-2883

More about this business: Salesman that sales new & used cares, trucks, vans, etc.

D & M Auto Sales, LLC

Owner: Maurice Martin

Address: 1013 Bailey Avenue, Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 503-8032


Child/Adult Care

Early Years Academy II

Owner: Aurelya P. Curtis

Address: 3677 Robinson Rd., Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 922-1999


More about this business: Hours 6:30 AM-6:00 PM, ages 6 months-12 years of age.

Golden Ladies & Gentlemen

Adult Day Care

Owner: Dena Benson

Address: 428 W. Northside Drive (Cathedrals Gym)

Phone: (601) 942-1098


More about this business: Day care for senior citizens who need care and supervsion around the clock. Please call for more information. 

House of Love

Owner: Mary Thomas

Address: 3992 Hanging Moss Rd.

Phone: (601) 212-7583


More about this business: Taking care of kids, adults and your love ones. Cleaning. Ironing. Sitting. 


AD Marketing & Public Relations

Owner: Anthony Dean

Address: 121 Muscadine Path, Madison, MS

Phone: (601) 503-6176


More about this business: We provide B2B marketing, public relations, photos, web development, campaign management, and grant writing. 

CMA Tax Prep, LLC

Owner: Connie Mallory-Armstrong

Address: 3153 Copperfield St. 

Phone: (601) 316-2634


More about this business: Drop off and or pick up information services. 


Life Insurance and Fiancial Services

Independent Agent: Fletter Matlock

Address: P.O. Box 54283, Jackson, MS

Phone: (314) 809-5441



More about this business: Offer Life Insurance, debt coaching, help families get properly protected, help get out of debt free, and financially independent. 


Heavenly Floors

Owner: Eddie & Elijah Fisher

Address: 361 Reed Avenue, Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 278-4409

More about this business: We install hardwood floors, carpet, tile, ceremic, counter tops, and custom showers. 

Henry Rice

Retired: Teacher, Coach/Carpenter

Owner: Henry Rice 

Address: Mobile

Phone: (601) 624-0256


More about this business: Laminate, ceramic tile, wood, carpentry, painting, and cabinets. 

Medical/Health & Wellness

Francis Franchise, LLC

Owner: Hailicia & Michael Francis

Address: 338 Sheppard Rd., Jackson, MS

Phone: (769) 926-6738 or (601) 985-7567


More about this business: We specialize in the beautification of your business, home, and office with the landscaping business, cleaning services or offices & corporations. 

Kings of Clean Mobile Detail

Owner: Ronald Armstrong Jr. 

Address: Mobile

Phone: (601)454-5699


More about this business: We provide a mobile detailing experience to the tri-county area. We come to the customer and provide a detailed car wash and cleaning. We have our own water and supplies. 


S & S Bugers 

Owner: Stephen & Sudie Teague

Address: 120 Jackson St., Bolton, MS 39041

Phone: (601) 866-7888

More about this business: We specialize in pantrout, catfish, hamburgers, etc. 

Yum Yum's Kitchen 

Owner: Clinton Moses

Address: 1815 Hosptial Dr., Suite 130

Phone: (601)398-1880 & (601) 720-540

More about this business: One taste and you will know how we got our names. 

Excel Physical Therapy & Wellness

Owner: Dr. Rashad Smith

Address: 3425 N. Liberty St., Canton, MS

Phone: (601) 691-5132


More about this business: We provide  exceptional, hands on physical and manual therapy. massage and occupational therapy available onsite. 

Newman Dental Care, Inc

Owner: Dr. Anthony Newman

Address: 500-E East Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 366-7113


More about this business: General dentist providing orthodontics, dentures, partials, extractions, crowns, fillings, and cleanings.  


Gee Gee's Embroidery 

Owner: Geraldine McDonald 

Address: 710 Windard Rd., Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 672-3866



Significant Pillows & Etc.  

Owner: Elizabeth Strong

Address: 360 Hanging Moss Circle. 

Phone: (601)981-2690


More about this business: Minor alterations small wedding, window dressings, cushion pads, seat covers, and table runners. 

Small Engine Repairs

Lawn Service Small Engine Repair

Owner: Bennie Smith

Address: 4634 Village Dr.

Phone: (601) 291-8218 or (601) 362-1523


Officiating Sports (Basketball/Volleyball)

Jackson Basketball Officials Assn

Owner: LaShonda Kidd

Address: 100 Normondy Court

Phone: (601) 540-2202


More about this business: Schedules/assigns officials to leagues, churches, school, and tournaments to promote and enforce the rules and regulations through game management. 


Dj Chris

Owner: Chris Walker 

Address: Mobile

Phone: (601) 212-5004


More about this business: Djing parties, prom, wedding, reunion, and etc.

Sky Professional Sound, Service

Company, LLC

Owner: Cliff A. Fears 

Address: 3610 Westchester Dr., Jackson, MS

Phone: (601) 213-2667

Email: Skyprosound

More about this business: We provide church sound system upgrade and sounds for weddings, meetings, parties, graduations, and proms. 

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